If you live in Missoula and you aren't outdoorsy, I hope you have a strong sense of identity and healthy self-confidence. Why? Well, because I just found a house cat that's more athletic than me (then again, that's probably not too hard).

Meet Freya the Adventure Cat.

Yes, that is a cat hiking to the top of Mount Sentinel in Missoula. What?!

First, let's start with the name: Freya. Congrats to Freya's owner, I think this is a perfect name for such a venturesome cat. The name Freya means "noble lady" but is also the name of a Scandinavian goddess of war and love among other things. Clearly, this cat embodies the qualities of a regal being.

Freya Participates in Winter Sports

Next, let's talk about just how fearless this cat is. Recently, Freya went on a snowshoeing trip.

Freya has also gone cross-country skiing.

Freya Hikes

Last spring, Freya hiked in Blodgett Canyon. The post says that Freya put in a 10-mile day! And just a reminder, Blodgett Canyon isn't exactly a nature walk. Even this 9 mile out-and-back trail is designated as "moderately challenging." When some cats are afraid to go outside at all, it's incredible to see a cat that seems to enjoy the Montana wilderness as much as many humans do.

Freya...the Influencer?

You might run into Freya on the trails around Missoula but Freya is a "city cat" too. Freya has been spotted at Shakespeare Books & Co. in Missoula and at Turner Farms.

This kitty has just under 500 followers on Instagram but I think Freya is going to become very popular.

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