Bed and Breakfasts need to make a comeback.

It might just be me, but it seems like every time I'm looking for an Airbnb I can't find one for the dates I need, or the price is just not worth it. I get it--I may just suck at travel planning and with a little time and effort I could find what I wanted, but I'd argue that staying in a Bed and Breakfast is just as, if not more enjoyable than many Airbnbs.

Why You Might Try a Bed a Breakfast

Cost: I already alluded to this above but you can find beautiful accommodation for less than you would pay for many Airbnbs. The Montana Bed and Breakfast Association has 16 locations listed on its site with nightly rates lower than $200. And of course, breakfast is included.

Location: Many Bed and Breakfasts are located on prime real estate and lodging would cost more if you were, for example, renting a whole house. Goldsmith's River Front Inn is right on the Clark Fork River in Missoula, and Outlook Inn Bed and Breakfast in Somers has views of Flathead Lake.

Top Rated Bed and Breakfasts in Montana

If you aren't worried about the price, you may want to check out these popular and highly-rated Bed and Breakfasts in Montana.

  • 4.9 Stars on Google: Blue Mountain Bed and Breakfast, Missoula, Montana
  • #1 on Trip Advisor/2023 Trip Advisor Traveler's Choice: Coyote Bluff Estate, Somers, Montana
  • Frommer's Best Inns & Bed and Breakfasts in Montana: The Garden Wall Inn, Whitefish Montana (others listed here).

Happy vacationing!

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