Fall burning season opened in Missoula County on October 1st for essential agriculture and prescribed wildland projects.

According to a press release from the Missoula County fire protection agency (MCFPA), the annual program took effect because of the stable current and predicted fire danger.  Burn permits can be obtained easily and must be activated before each burn.

All fires need to be permitted and make sure you have everything on hand to keep it under control. Be sure you have water and the tools you'll need before you start. Also, try to finish by 2 pm because the smoke will affect the valley says Sarah Coefield, Missoula City-County Public Health Dept. Air Quality Specialist.

Because the atmosphere becomes increasingly stable the later we get into fall, smoke from outdoor burning has the potential to linger longer in the area and get trapped under nightly inversions. To reduce the amount of smoke in the valleys, fall burning is limited to prescribed wildland and essential agriculture projects


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All burning outdoors is by permit only and the General Burning Season is closed until March of next year. That's yard debris and such within Missoula City limits and there are restrictions of course, and no recreational fires, they are banned all year round, except for barbecues. Check for information on the current restrictions, burn seasons, and permits.

The release also reminded us that we have the " Missoula Air Stagnation Zone" that's why you don't want smoldering piles of leaves around, and that's why it's illegal to burn piles of leaves and grass year-round. Visit this Missoula Air Stagnation Zone information and choose the left side menu for a map.

Yes, there are still a lot of fire restrictions across Montana, so check www.MTFireInfo.org and Know Before You Go!

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