Months ago we received an email asking us if we knew what would be going into the old Lombardi & Johnson Roofing building on South Higgins Avenue. We did a little digging but didn't come across any answers.

Then, some renovations began at the location, and I started watching the changes. First, there were chairs and a desk, and I thought maybe the location would turn into an office buildling. A few weeks later, green wallpaper appeared on the walls.

Last night, I drove past the location again and it's almost as if the rest of the changes happened overnight. Check out who's moving into 2000 South Higgins Avenue.

Birdie Thatcher Missoula Montana
Credit: Eric Warren

Who or What is Birdie Thatcher?

Birdie Thatcher is, according to their Instagram profile, "a workshop focused on the art of interior spaces" for the past 28 years. Looking at the changes to the building, and the images on Instagram, you'll see whimsy and warmth, tradition and contemporary influences. The business, which is appointment only, is skilled in decorating for a variety of styles. You'll find beautiful photos on their website of past projects. I'm a fan of the Historic Brownstone Project with the wallpaper that features striped shirts.

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Previous Location Now Available for Lease

The new location is actually down the street from Birdie Thatcher's previous location at 333 N Higgins Ave.

Credit: Dawn Maddux, Engel & Volkers
Credit: Dawn Maddux, Engel & Volkers

This location is currently available for lease for $3,800 and is listed by Dawn Maddux with Engle and Volkers. It includes two levels with "original refinished hardwood floors, historic tiled ceiling, and built-in shelving throughout."

We'll have to keep our eyes on that location now to see what will be going in next.

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