People have recently called the stations and have made comments about how they are already sick of the snow and the weather. We haven't even officially hit winter yet. If you are already sick of the weather it is going to be a really long winter ahead. Not everyone can ski or snowboard and are able to enjoy the mountains. Missoula has a lot of indoor activities that can help you get through the long winter months, here are a few to help you forget about the weather for a little while.

Go For A Walk

Don't let the weather stop you from going for a walk. If the snow or the trails are too much or too slick, take the walk indoors at Southgate Mall. The doors open a bit earlier than the stores and it won't cost you a thing. Some people take the time to socialize, and some take it as a chance to get some exercise before the mall opens for business.


Missoula has quite a few indoor gyms available for a variety of activities. The Peak has not only an indoor running track, but also offers racquet sports and now pickleball. The Missoula YMCA, has an indoor track and pool. Fuel Fitness,  Planet Fitness, Brio Fitness, VRTX Fitness all offer plenty of options to get your sweat on. If you want to try a new or different way to work out you can learn to rock climb indoors at Freestone Climbing.


Missoula is lucky enough to still have a bowling alley with Westside Lanes and Fun Center. I love to bowl, mostly because I get to wear other people's shoes, but they also offer arcade games too.

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Go Dancing

Missoula has so many great local live bands and venues that you shouldn't have a hard time finding some music to "cut a rug" to. The Sunrise Saloon, Union Club, The Top Hat, and Monk's all feature live music.

Try not to the let weather get you down. We have a long way to go until spring, so take advantage of all that Missoula has to offer.

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