An amazing opportunity for both performers and the Missoula Community is coming up this spring.

If you're in a band, like to lip-sync, or like to dance, keep scrolling.

What It Is:

You've heard of a battle of the bands, right? And you've seen lip-sync battles and dance battles, but have you ever been to an event dedicated to all three?

We're so excited to announce the 2024 Battle to Beat Cancer, a fundraising event that will benefit Camp Mak-A-Dream.

Courtney Imhoff, Event Coordinator, says, "We know Missoula is full of talent and we wanted to see it all take over the Dennison in a bigger, grander way."

In the past, Camp Mak-A-Dream has hosted Lip-Sync Battles but this year, organizers wanted to expand the event. That's why participants can apply in three categories this year:

  • Band
  • Lip Sync
  • Dance

What It's All For:

Camp Mak-A-Dream is celebrating its 30th season serving cancer survivors and their families. Originally, Camp served just kids but the program has expanded.

"It's a medically supervised entirely cost-free camp for kids, teens, adults, seniors, and families who are going through the harrowing journey of cancer," says George Laufenberg, Executive Director for Camp Mak-A-Dream.

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"We have folks who are in treatment, or who are in remission, and they get to come for a week where the most prominent important thing about them for a week stops being their diagnosis. And they just get to be a kid or a person. Whatever their weird talent is on display, and all of the things that make life so much bigger than this incredibly hard thing they're going through," Laufenberg says.

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The way that Camp remains cost-free is through the generous support of our community.

"This event is absolutely critical in terms of the funds that are raised which make it possible for (Camp) to be a cost-free experience," Laufenberg says, explaining that medical costs can bankrupt families. "This event--it's an incredible chance for people to get their talents on display."

Details You Need:

Find Out More: Learn more about The Battle to Beat Cancer and Camp Mak-A-Dream.

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