Growing up I took it for granted that dinner would be planned out for me every day. When you become an adult, they don't tell you that the responsibility will now be on you to come up with meal ideas. There is even more pressure when you have a family and kids. They are expecting you to have an idea for dinner. Every. Single. Day.

Sometimes I Cheat For Dinner Ideas

I have so many cookbooks that there should never be a shortage of ideas for dinner at my house. But, we get busy and time sometimes get's away from us. I'll admit it, occasionally we cheat and look up a quick dinner idea on the internet.

I am not sure if you have noticed recently but when you look something up online using Google, the first thing that pops up is now "AI Generated" information. Sometimes the information isn't the most accurate. When it comes to a recipe, that could be scary. Artificial Intelligence recipes are not the best idea.

Be Aware of AI Recipes

There are quite a few food related Facebook groups that I follow and a lot of them share recipes. One of these groups just recently sent out a warning to make sure that you aren't using recipes that are AI generated. It seems like that would be common sense to a lot of people, but some people get in a hurry and don't read recipes all the way through. It never crossed my mind that an AI generated recipe would even be a thing.

I like to bake on occasion. When it comes to baking you have to be specific with your recipes. Most baking recipes rely on precise measurements that have been tested and eaten. Having AI creating recipes seems dangerous to me at this point. My suggestion is make sure the online recipes that you use are from reputable sources and read through them thoroughly before you begin cooking or baking.

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