It is surely the turn of the Montana seasons when our thoughts change from cookouts to planning the Halloween party or costume or which route will garner the most candy with the least amount of footwork. You would think I’d have outgrown that last one. The return of the Turner Farms Pumpkin patch is one of Missoula's sure signs that fall has arrived.  


Saturday, October 1st is Opening Day

Pumpkintober kicks off at high noon and as always promises to be a fun time for young and old alike. The Turner Farm is a working farm located in the Orchard Homes neighborhood of Missoula at 3515 S 3rd Street West and usually operates its farm stand/produce store from dawn to dusk, according to fans following their Facebook and Instagram socials who are kept informed of the specials coming into harvest, along with the community programs and events happing throughout the year. 

Take a break.

The Pumpkin Patch is a chance to stop in and let a child see the farm animals, a working farm, and stroll about to choose a perfect pumpkin just for them. They are planning on having some local food trucks, and a Bamboo Bar (alcoholic and nonalcoholic) drinks on hand for the festivities as well. I’ve enjoyed visiting and it's a nice way to start the season. The last day is Sunday, October 23rd, and a craft market is planned on closing day with numerous local vendors.

I asked Turner Farms for some information in chat and found out about the daily schedule for the pumpkin patch,

Hi, Brian! Thanks so much for touching base! You guys are the best and we always appreciate you including us on your lists! Yes, kickoff is on Oct. 1st at noon. Our hours in October will be Friday and Saturdays 12p-6 pm and   Sunday-Wednesday 12-pm.  We are closed on Thursdays so I can do laundry and mop floors! ... 

One thing, they ask us all to please be respectful of the farm's neighbors and also be cautious when parking and walking to the farm. Check the details and all the other fun stuff happening at Turner Farm.

Remember: If you divide the circumference of a pumpkin by its diameter, you get Pumpkin Pi.

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