One thing can be said for Western Montana in general. That is, it has more than its share of seriously completive foot races and world-class events drawing people from all over.

This is a slog for the rest of us! One of the funniest things to happen to Missoula in a very long time happens again this Saturday, July 23 at Silver Park. The Lard Butt 1K.

If you were at the inaugural Lard Butt 1K in 2019 before the pandemic postponed LB#2, you know how fun it was. Seriously, who knew right? It's been exported to San Francisco where they’ve begged the Montana Lard Butts to return and Seattle is host to a huge fan base of Lard Butts as well.

Here are 9 Things You Need to Know for this weekend's Lard Butt 1K.


1. Yes, that is 1K.

Just over half a mile with doughnut stations every 250 meters and beer and mimosas. That’s a dream race for me.

2. As they say it’s “Dedicated to the below-average athlete and weekend warrior in all of us.”

I talked with Brent Baldwin, one of Lard Butt’s Missoula-based co-founders about how it all started. " It was four formally active Montana friends who needed an excuse to get off the couch and do something."

attachment-LBleft to right- Dave Peppenger, Brent Baldwin, Eric Hanson
Image Brent Baldwin. Left to right: Dave Peppenger, Brent Baldwin, Eric Hanson Co-founding Lard Buttians. Not shown Mark Peterson. But you'll see him at the waddle. Yes you will.

3. It’s there for everyone.

Look, even if you are in great shape, let your hair down and have some fun! Don't take yourself too seriously, and it is perfect for someone like me who wants to get out but isn’t up to joining in a 5k Marathon. As Lard Butts say, "Get Cracking!"

4. There are several points you can inject yourself in the Lard Butt mindset.

The Show-off Wave: should you have the audacity to rocket through, expect heckling. Legends Wave: for those 250 pounds and heavier. Waddler Wave: for the rest of us. And Kids Dash. Remember the Doughnuts. Doughnuts...

5. Costumes!

You want to wear one? Bring it! They are encouraged. Individuals, Teams, even your dog if they are well behaved. Kids too, on a leash...I’m kidding! They say the Tee-shirt you get at signup is light Blue if you want to coordinate it with your getup. They plan a Spirit of Lard Butt costume party too. WhooHoo!

Image GettyStock

6. Our local Highlander Brewery has a special brew for this event!

Lard Butt Lager! That’s so Missoula! H2O and N/A options are certainly available for young Lard Butts and those who choose so.

7. Bring at least a couple of non-perishable items.

Donate to the canned-food drive for The Poverello Center, the group Lard Butt is helping this year.

8. BIG tip: sign up early and save some sweet cash for the swag!

Cost goes up day of the event. Register info

9. Montana State Broadcasters of the Year, Missoula’s Z100 Brian and Chris will host the MC duties, both cheering and hooting when necessary.

But don’t let that stop you from signing up. Remember doughnuts and beer & mimosas...Oh my.

Image Brian Lee & Benny Edwin

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