The building at 424 N Higgins Avenue has been a lot of things. I remember when it was home to Zimorino's Red Pies Over Montana and I attended a 13th birthday party on the second floor (or was it the third) for a boy and really, all there was to do was eat pizza, but pizza was the best part.

Years later, I met friends in that building while I was visiting home, when it was Flathead Lake Brewing Company, for a beer and nosh, and probably reminisced about that 13-year-old birthday party. Now, 424 North Higgins has the opportunity to be something new again.

Sterling CRE Advisors Matt Mellott and Connor McMahon have listed the commercial property for sale for $2,650,000 which could be an excellent investment property. Part of the appeal is that the first floor is leased out, which could possibly offset some costs. The listing indicates "Details on lease rate and terms can be found in the document vault." Currently, the first floor is leased to the Bicycle Hangar and a ghost kitchen.

Part of the appeal of this particular property is the endless possibilities for the space. The listing says that the second and third floors have been remodeled into living spaces, or it could be converted into office space. This could certainly be home to another restaurant, but maybe there's something more creative that could move in, like an escape room, or a resurrection of Jay's Upstairs? With The Break Espresso, Charlie B's, and Taco Del Sol in the same block, and the Pie Hole across the street, it will be interesting to see what will move in next.

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