Welcome to Missoula. It doesn't matter why you are here. Maybe you moved here during the pandemic, like a lot of people did. Maybe you are here to attend the University of Montana as they get ready to welcome over 10,000 students for the upcoming school year. While you are here there is a lot to experience and some things to learn along the way. Here is a little guide to help you along your way and maybe enjoy a thing or two about our town, whether you are here for good or just passing through.

Hike to the "M"- This is something that if you can do it, it is usually worth the effort. It isn't easy, but it gives you a spectacular view of our valley and city.

Rockin' Rudy's- It is tough to leave Rockin' Rudy's  without finding at least something to take home with you. There is something for everyone in this iconic store, toys, music, clothes, jewelry, and so much more.

Big Dipper- Get some local ice cream from one of the best. Big Dipper now has two locations, and may I recommend the "Mint Oreo".

Missoula Club- Getting a "Mo Club" burger is a right of passage in Missoula according to their website they have been around since 1890.

Catch Some Live Music- Missoula is a fantastic place to catch live music. Whether you are catching a band playing at an event in Caras Park, a punk band at the ZACC or Free Cycles or seeing some world class acts at the Kettlehouse Amphitheater, Big Sky Brewing Amphitheater or the Adams Center. Missoula offers a lot of live music choices.

Fall Down a Mountain in the Snow- Missoula is surrounded by mountains. You can ski or board Montana Snowbowl Or sled down Blue Mountain. Either one you choose, dress for the weather.

Paul's Pancake Parlor- If you want down home diner food, Paul's is the place to go. Pancakes are their specialty. Be aware you may have to wait for a table, but it may be worth it.

Attend a Griz Football Game- There is only one place in Missoula where you can get together with over 25,000 of your closest friends at the same time and that is a Griz football game. Words don't do it justice, you have to experience it for yourself.

Missoula Public Library- The Missoula Public Library is one of the best in the world. If you want to experience something a little more "laid back" and for some quiet, this is a great place to visit.

Breakfast Club- If you want a great breakfast burrito on the go, the Breakfast Club is a great choice. I recommend calling ahead, there may be a line.

Attend a Festival- Missoula is a town full of things to do. There is at least one festival in every month of the calendar year. Plenty of choices for you to get out and meet people.

Watch a Movie at the Roxy- The Roxy is not a chain movie theater. You can see the latest releases, but then you can also catch the Rocky Horror Picture Show or a classic Martial Arts film. Don't forget the popcorn that you can season yourself at the popcorn bar.

Go For A Run- Missoula is an active city. There is a run for almost every occasion, from St. Patrick's Day to Thanksgiving. We also host an award winning Missoula Marathon.

El Cazador- Alfredo and his family have been cooking up authentic Mexican food in Missoula for years at El Cazador. The greet you with a smile and make you feel like on of the family.

Caras Park- Located in Downtown Missoula on the bank of the Clark Fork River. Caras Park is a favorite location for brew fests, outdoor concerts, farmer's markets and more.

Float A River- Missoula offers more than one river to float down. The Blackfoot, the Bitterroot and the Clark Fork all offer waterways to utilize. From float tubes, to rafts you can find ways to enjoy the water.

Have a Beer-  Missoula has some of the best spots to enjoy some fantastic beer. Our breweries have become popular throughout the Northwest. Big Sky Brewing, Kettlehouse Brewing, Bayern Brewing, Great Burn Brewing, Conflux Taphouse, Draught Works, Imagine Nation Brewing, Highlander Beer, the list continues to grow. Please enjoy responsibly and legally.

Take a Walk- Missoula has a great trail system and a nice river where you can just take a leisurely stroll. Just because we are surrounded by mountains doesn't mean you have to hike.

Learn to Fish- Montana has some pretty incredible fishing spots. There is nothing that says you have to catch anything. Sometimes just trying is enough.

Board of Missoula- If you want to slide down a mountain in the winter on a snowboard, or travel through Missoula on a skateboard in the summer, Board of Missoula has you covered.

Explore Vinyl- We are spoiled in Missoula to have three great vinyl record stores, Ear Candy Music, Slant Street Records and Rockin' Rudy's Record Heaven. Take a break and listen to some tunes.

Learn Missoula's Streets- Missoula is not the easiest town to get around in. Learn the streets. Everything from the old "Malfunction Junction" to intersections that have four streets that all change names at one intersection, like Russell, 39th, South Higgins, and Hillview Way. The more you learn the streets the better off you will be.

There is so much more to explore and experience in Missoula than this short list. Enjoy your time here, however long it may be.

Get to Know Missoula A to Z

All about Missoula, Montana.

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