With it only being a few weeks away from Valentine's Day, we're still in the prime time for wedding proposals.

In fact, an article on the BBC says that almost half of engagements in the United States happen between Thanksgiving and Valentine's Day. If you live in Missoula and you're considering proposing, we have a few suggestions.

Proposing at a Missoula Restaurant

A classic approach. Maybe it was the restaurant where you had your first date. Or, maybe you want to visit a fancy restaurant. Try the deck at The Keep for the view, a cozy table at Boxcar Bistro for intimacy, or Scotty's Table for the vintage vibe.

Proposing at a Missoula Concert

Missoula has several great music venues that could provide an opportune moment for a proposal. Go for a passionate proposal at the Wilma Theater or something tender at a Missoula Symphony concert. Your proposal might be whimsical at the ZACC or adventurous at the Kettlehouse. There are tons of options.

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Proposing at a Missoula Park

Another classic proposal technique is a proposal in a park. Do the two of you play kickball? Maybe you propose after a game at Playfair Park. Or take your intended for a walk at Fort Missoula and pop the question. Proposing over a game of disc golf on Blue Mountain might make for a good story too. Again, with so many parks there are tons of options.

But if you're looking for something picture-worthy, or maybe a landmark or iconic location, here are 11 fantastic places for a proposal, even if you're not planning on proposing before Valentine's Day.

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