Here's a heartwarming story for your Friday.

The Humane Society of Western Montana here in Missoula is an amazing organization that boasts a 98% adoption rate. They have multiple collaborations across Missoula to make sure that the pets in their care can find the right home, including our collaboration with them, "Take Me Home Tuesday."


We got to meet Schooner this week, a dog that's available for adoption as of this writing. You can read more about him here.

Adoption Needs in Missoula

Recently, the Humane Society of Western Montana shared on its Instagram page a post about another collaboration. They say that the "community has been asking for smaller dogs and we rarely have any in our care...". This is interesting. Even just observing those who own dogs in Missoula, you will notice that many people have large breed dogs. With so many opportunities for outdoor adventures around our community, the kind of adventures you bring a "trail dog" on, it's easy to see how a situation like this could develop.

This latest news addresses that need.

Missoula Welcomes 11 Dogs

Working with Dog Is My Copilot, a nonprofit animal rescue AIR transport organization, the Humane Society welcomed 11 dogs from animal shelters in California that were beyond capacity. Many of these dogs are under 50 pounds and some under 25 pounds. Take a look at the photos from their journey.

What an interesting way to benefit multiple stakeholders. As they say in their post, "Not only are we saving lives, we are meeting the needs of our local adopters."  It's a win for the shelters in California, a win for the Humane Society of Western Montana, a win for the adopters in the Missoula community, and a win for the dogs!

You can see more pictures of the dogs at or meet them during open hours, Thursday--Sunday, 1:00 pm - 6:00 pm.

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