The 2023/2024 ski season in Montana wasn't as epic as a lot of people would have hoped for. Mother Nature didn't cooperate and we didn't get as much snow as some skiers and boarders would have liked. We can always look ahead and hope the next ski season will be the stuff of legend. When the next season comes around, maybe you can check out this new ski technology. The "electric skis".


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The company, J Skis, has worked with Tesla over the last two years to develop the "world's first Tesla Motors powered electric ski". J Skis claims to make the "funnest skis in the world". Watching the video they made about these skis is pretty mind blowing. The skis can power you uphill by leaning forward. Then when you want to ski, they can ski like a pair of regular skis. The skis aren't in stores right now, but they will be taking pre-orders this summer.

Tesla Is Getting Into Skiing

Tesla vehicles have been in the news, especially with the release of the more recent "Cybertruck". Since the first sightings of the the truck in Missoula, I have seen more of them on Montana highways.

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Now Tesla and J Skis have teamed update skiing and possibly take out the need for a chairlift. Who would have thought there would come a day when you could plug in a pair of skis? Since I am not a skier, I will just have to wait to see what they can do with a snowboard.

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