Mornings 6AM - 10AM

The Brian & Chris Show

Rockin' Western Montana for 10 years and still going strong!

Middays 10AM - 3PM

Middays with Anthony

Helping you rock on through you work week and then some!

Afternoons 3PM - 7PM

Ryan Corwin, a.k.a Maple Bar

He's more than a sweet treat for your afternoons. He’s a Missoula native with mountain snow in his veins and pine sap in his hair. That’s why it sticks up so straight. He enjoys short climbs and ripping descents, also beer.

Nights 7PM - 12AM

Steve Gorman Rocks!

Steve Gorman is a founding member of the iconic American rock n roll band The Black Crowes. Over 27 years, he toured the world relentlessly, leaving a small piece of his sanity at every stop. April Rose, she's hosted the infamous MTV Spring Break in Cancun and a season regular on MTV & MTV2's break out shows "Guy Code" and "Girl Code."

Saturday 8PM - 10PM

Classic Rock Live

Pierre Robert's vast knowledge of all styles of music has allowed a wide variety of artists, ranging from The Rolling Stones, The Who, Bono, STP, Rush, The Pretenders, Foo Fighters, The Offspring, and Robert Plant among many others to feel quite comfortable in his interviews.

Sunday 8AM - Noon

The Classics

Waking you up Sunday morning and getting you ready to start the day!

Sunday 7PM - 9PM

With Bill St. James

Bill St. James was born in West Hartford, Connecticut, an idyllic Midwestern town located in New England. Other notables native to West Hartford include Woodstock legend Wavy Gravy, David Naughton of “I’m A Pepper, You’re a Pepper” fame, Dictionary author Noah Webster, and that J. Peterman guy from “Seinfeld.”