Summer is the time to get out those tongs and get the grills and smokers fired up. July is officially "National Grilling Month". For Montana that seems to be every month. Even in the middle of winter you can smell someone cooking on an outdoor grill somewhere. If you are looking to up your grilling game, you should check out the latest BBQ supply store that has opened in Missoula.

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One of the staples of a good cookout is the hamburger. It can be so simple, yet it can also be customizable to make it a regional delight. For me burgers are pretty basic. Just give me some cheese and bacon and I am good. Restaurants must love me because they can save some money since they don't need to add all the other stuff that goes on their burgers. There is one burger from Montana that isn't made like any others and has earned it a reputation as a unique regional delicacy. It hails from Butte, Montana.

Butte, Montana Has The Most Popular Regional Burger

According to there is only one famous "regional" burger in the entire northwest and it comes from Montana. Washington, Idaho, Wyoming, and both Dakotas don't have a burger quite like this one. It is the famous "Nutburger" that was created at Matt's Place in Butte.

Map of the U.S. regional burgers

What makes the "Nutburger" famous is the topping which is made of chopped salted peanuts mixed with Miracle Whip. The National Trust For Historic Preservation reports that Matt's Place has been open since the 1930's and the menu hasn't changed much since then. Experimenting with flavors in the 1930's was a bit different than it is today. When you think of the two flavors individually, it may not sound appetizing, but when they are put together it seems to work.

There are always debates about who has "the best" burger in the state. While that may be open to opinion, there is only one original "Nutburger" and that comes from Butte.

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