There is only one of its kind in the state of Montana. It would seem that one is plenty!

The Northern Ag News Network tells us about the amazing stamina, grit and determination of a couple of the Montana marathon runners who earlier this summer competed in the only official 100-mile ultra-marathon in the state of Montana.

The race begins near Wilsall and finishes 100 grueling and treacherous miles later, as it treks along through the Crazy Mountains, or more fondly known as the Crazies, north of the mountain range in Lennep. If this doesn't test a body’s physical and mental capabilities, it is hard to imagine what would.

Among the Montanans competing were Wes Harshbarger from Twin Bridges, who finished the race in around 31 hours. Wes said being on his feet for 31 hours straight tested his mental and physical bearing, and that it is "unbelievable what your body can go through.”

Jaden Bienvenue was another marathoner representing the Treasure State, from Molt, Montana. He also finished the race, which was held for the second year at the end of July. Jason was quoted as saying, “To me there’s no better feeling than knowing that on sheer will and manpower alone on your two feet, what you just did is quite the accomplishment in your own head.”

While Jaden and Wes didn't finish particularly high in the results, 41st and 54th respectively, they were among the 125 participants that did finish. Approximately 75 runners did not get to the finish line.

With props to a Montana food mainstay, Jaden Bienvenue and Wes Harshbarger are both members of "Team Beef Montana," a group of beef-loving fitness enthusiasts supported by the Montana Beef Council and a number of ranchers in the state. Wes says that beef is a crucial part of his diet, efficiently providing protein for his body to function at a high level during an ultra-marathon.

Congrats to those two guys and everyone who participated. For all you Montana marathoners who are interested in competing next - and we are sure there are hundreds of you! - details on the 2024 Crazy Mountain 100 can be found here.


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