What is the first thing you think of when it comes to a zombie? Is it the traditional brain-eating corpse slowly shuffling its feet? Or maybe you picture a fungus-ridden monster like the creatures featured in the popular video game and HBO show "The Last of Us?" If you said the latter, the creatures featured in that show may not be far from the truth.

It appears a strange fungus and deadly infection is affecting Montana trout.

Reports of "zombie trout" are emerging from one of Montana's most popular trout fishing areas.

According to All That's Interesting

The Big Hole River is one of the top trout fishing regions in the world. But the trout population this year is at its lowest-ever recorded level. State biologists and guides say a disease making the fish resemble zombies is partially to blame.

Residents of Wise River are claiming that they are finding brown trout blind from infection, as well as missing chunks of their gill plates and covered in a strange fungus. The trout are still alive but resemble the walking dead. Or maybe more like the "swimming" dead.

big hole river foundation
big hole river foundation

Could Montana be ground zero for a zombie apocalypse?

Governor Giantforte has had tests performed on affected trout, and results showed "no unusual diseases or pathogens." So what is it that is creating these  "zombie trout?"

Residents along the Big Hole River fear that whatever this may be will completely destroy the world-famous fishery. But, what is next? Clearly, whatever is causing this is in the water. So how long until this fungus and infection make the jump to other animals and possibly humans?

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