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Kid Crossing: Which Baby Carrier Is Right For Me?

At Kid Crossing, we often get asked what the best kind of baby carrier is. The answer is as individual as the person asking it, and with all the options available it can quickly become overwhelming. Here’s a quick breakdown of the three main types of carriers and the best uses for them:

Wraps: (ex: Moby, Boba) Our personal favorite for newborns especially, these are the most versatile of the carrier options. Although daunting at first glance, with a little practice they can be used in any number of ways for many sizes of babies as well as the person carrying. These can be used for front, side or back carrying, as well as for twins.

Structured carrier: (ex: Ergo, Tula, Kinderpack) These are the easiest of the carriers to use, and most have an insert that can be used for newborns as well. Sizing and comfort are all different so it’s best to try out a few options to feel what works best for you (One of the perks of shopping at Kid Crossing is that you can try them on with baby while you shop and get tips on how to wear them ).

Although some brands advertise that baby can be worn facing in or out, research has shown that wearing a baby facing out before six months of  age can lead to hip and spinal problems and is not recommended. (Link for more info: https://hipdysplasia.org/baby- wearing/)

Slings: (ex: Rings Slings, Sprout Pouch) A great option for easy hip carrying. Some brands can also be used in a similar fashion to wraps for smaller babies. We recommend trying out different styles of these as well since every brand is sized differently. In conclusion, there are many carrier options for every individual and situation, and here at Kid Crossing we’re committed to helping you find the perfect carrier for you and your child.

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