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58th Annual Great Pumpkin

It’s the original socially distanced contest that’s making a return! Hidden somewhere in Western Montana, the pumpkin that doesn’t want to be found. Remember the Z100 Great Pumpkin is not buried, next to any buildings, it is not fenced in, it is not at any cemetery, golf courses or the fairgrounds. Standard contest rules apply; to read them click the link at the bottom of the page (below the form).

The search for the Z100 Great Pumpkin will start October 21st, 2021. Three new clues will be announced on-air every day, once an hour, between 6:00 AM and 7:00 PM until it’s found. After the clues are heard on air, they’ll be post to our studio location (1600 North Avenue West in Missoula, MT) and on our website on the following day by 8:00AM. The clues that are heard on-air during the weekends (Saturday and Sunday) will be posted on the following Monday by 8:00 AM. Good luck in your search for the Z100 Great Pumpkin!

Find the Z100 Great Pumpkin and win the prize pack (listed below)

Prizes include:

$250 CASH

Magic Touch Car Wash 2×5 punch cards ($50)

1 pair of Griz vs MSU tickets ($150)

Keith Fitchner/Edward Jones of Missoula Bluetooth speaker/wrist speaker ($75)

Misty Mountain Soy Candles package ($100)

Cars 4 U gas card ($50)

Logjam Presents 3x pairs of tickets to Haunting On Higgins ($90)

Free oil change from Denny Menholt University Honda ($79.99)

Staggering Ox 10 sandwich punch card ($100)

Breakfast Club 5x burrito punch card ($50)

Silver Slipper Casino 5x gift cards ($100)

Bob Ward’s gift card ($50)

Exit 96 Shine – $75 gift card (Use on any vehicle, boat, truck, car, RV)

Unhinged – tote of breakables! ($55)

ReStyle Clothing Exchange gift card ($50)

Clues Details: Click Link Below

Tap Here For Clues

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