The Z100 Great Pumpkin is back for it’s 54th year of haunting Western Montana! Listen for clues to the location of the Great Pumpkin. Thanks to our sponsors who make the 54th Annual GREAT PUMPKIN search possible!  Pepsi, Crawford Auto & Motorsports, Jakers, Cash and Carry, Missoula Maze, Hearts Afire Pottery, Double Exposure Photography, Midas and Spirit Halloween! Clues start soon on Z100 Missoula’s Only Classic Rock.

Prize List

Great Pumpkin 2017- Prizes 54th!

Jakers – $50 Gift Card

Heart’s Afire Pottery – $50 Gift certificate

Crawford’s Auto & Motorsports – 1 Lube and oil filter service

Family 4 Pack of tickets to the Missoula Maze

True Timber Large Camo Jacket from Pepsi

Cash and Carry – $50 gift card

Midas- Free Alignment

Spirit Halloween- $50 gift card

Double Exposure Photography – Headshot Session $125

Big Sky Billiard Supply – $50 gift certificate

The Breakfast Club – $50 gift certificate

Staggering Ox – $50 gift certificate


  1. It can be found Porte de l’Enfer
    1. The name French fur trappers called Missoula
  2. Think borders
    1. Clues form a parameter around the pumpkin
  3. Second letter in BINGO
    1. I
  4. “Reasonable and Prudent 95-99”
    1. No speed limit on I90 in Montana from 1995-1999
  5. Mythical home of a winged lion
    1. King Moonracer lives on Misfit Island at the North Pole, to the North Side of town
  6. A position to the left or right of an object, place or central point
    1. Definition of the word side
  7. Pass by Missoula downtown historic district
    1. Interstate sign for directions, says Missoula Downtown Historic District helps narrow search
  8. 41st Grammy Awards – The Dixie Chicks
    1. Country Album of the Year: Wide Open Spaces
  9. No sleeping under these stars
    1. Not a campsite
  10. Hall & Oates 1981
    1. Song “Private Eyes Are Watching You”, apartment buildings in distance
  11. Brenda Gail Webb’s sister
    1. Loretta Lynn. Coal miner’s daughter. Coal Mine road
  12. Things aren’t always as they seem
    1. The road sign changes
  13. Rumored he wore a golden earring
    1. Shakespeare in his Chandos painting. Shakespeare Street
  14. “And cursed be he that moves my bones”
    1. Last sentence engraved on Shakespeare’s headstone. Name of street Shakespeare
  15. “If you could see through my eyes”
    1. Otis Clay, R&B singer 1942-2016. Otis Street
  16. “Love in an Elevator”
    1. Aerosmith song. Otis Elevator Company. Otis Street
  17. “Show me a hero and I’ll write you a tragedy”
    1. Scott Fitzgerald. Scott Street
  18. “Lying Beside You, Here in the Dark”
    1. Journey song “Open Arms”. Statue in St. Mary’s cemetery across the street has open arms
  19. Opposite direction
    1. Turn around
  20. Billboard Hot 100 number 1 song in 1966
    1. “These Boots Are Made For Walkin’” Nancy Sinatra
  21. The road not taken
    1. Self explanatory
  22. What are alive with the Sound of Music?
    1. The hills
  23. April 16th, 1964
    1. Rolling Stones first album. There are stones in the path
  24. Red plus green turf
    1. Green grass
  25. 1865 Novel by English mathematician chapter 1
    1. Alice in Wonderland – Down the rabbit hole
  26. Watch your feet
    1. You can step on it
  27. Happy Halloween!

The GREAT PUMPKIN was found on the hillside just south of I90 across from the cemetery toward the landfill by Historical District sign.

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